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Committed to Veterans, SelecTrucks of Atlanta

It’s not every day that we have a potential owner-operator come to our store who has served our country as a military veteran.  We at SelecTrucks of Atlanta were more than thrilled to help him out and get him on the road as his own businessman.  His name is Kerry Williams of Roanoke, Alabama.  Kerry served in the National Guard where he spent 12 months in Iraq driving in our nation’s military convoy.  After his one year stint in Iraq, Terry left the National Guard and returned to Iraq as a civilian contractor hauling freight once again in military convoys.  Kerry has always had his heart in trucking and after he left Iraq, he went to North Africa to drive for another military contractor. 

Recently, Kerry returned to the United States with the continued ambition of driving a tractor trailer and becoming the proud owner of his own vehicle.  That’s when we met with Kerry at our facility.  Lyn Owens, our SelecTrucks of Atlanta sales representative, helped Kerry through the process of purchasing a tractor from us.  Kerry and Lyn evaluated many trucks in our inventory while trying to find the right one for him.  Lyn informed Kerry that SelecTrucks now has a special program for military veterans called Proud To Serve, which provides a special discount for military veterans.

In support of “Hiring our Heroes,” veterans of the United States and Canadian military are eligible to receive a discount of $5,500 on qualifying vehicle purchases at SelecTrucks Centers across North America with the Proud To Serve Veterans Discount. In addition, SelecTrucks is pledging to do volunteer work for military charities across North America this year. 

Kerry ended up finding perfect truck for him, which happened to be a 2012 Freightliner Cascadia. In closing, Kerry Williams now has a much safer environment to enjoy his passion of being an owner-operator back home here in the USA.  As for all of our people at SelecTrucks of Atlanta, we are proud that we could help make this delivery of his Freightliner Cascadia tractor that he has dreamed about for so long.  All of our employees here in Atlanta went home that night, told their families about this experience and were as proud as we could possibly be.  God bless our military and America.     

For more information about Proud To Serve, visit SelecTrucks.com.

Gary Conleay

Center Manager

SelecTrucks of Atlanta