Quality Used Semi-Trucks

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SelecTrucks is committed to more than just providing quality used semi trucks. Our trusted team of truck advisors are here to help you reach your goals by providing exceptional used truck solutions with unwavering support. That means knowledge of your truck as well as business tips, financing and more.

Ensuring Driver Safety with Select Warranty

When deciding to purchase a used semi truck, many factors come into play. Price, dependability, Return on Investment and Real Cost of Ownership are at the top of the list. But what about safety?

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90-Day Buyer’s Assurance Maximizes Uptime and Profit While Minimizing Stress

The saying, “expect the unexpected,” is all too familiar among those in the trucking industry. Unplanned vehicle downtime does happen, so whether it’s a faulty air conditioning system or a total engine failure, a quality warranty can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your business. The first few months on the road can be a particularly challenging time, and while there are plenty of reasons to stress, your truck’s warranty coverage shouldn’t be one of them.

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How Nickels Can Add Up to Thousands

SelecTrucks has worked with thousands of owner-operators over the years, and a common struggle many of them face is making ends meet in their business. When they first come to us for guidance, we start by asking them questions like: what are they doing to trim costs, increase revenue, or lower the real cost of ownership? Then, we think about how their answers to these questions might reveal opportunities to enhance their bottom line.

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