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SelecTrucks is committed to more than just providing quality used semi trucks. Our trusted team of truck advisors are here to help you reach your goals by providing exceptional used truck solutions with unwavering support. That means knowledge of your truck as well as business tips, financing and more.

Buying a Used Semi Truck with Challenged Credit

Purchasing a used semi truck can be the beginning of a lucrative and successful career in the trucking industry. Many individuals aspire to owning their own truck and running their own business. But how do you start to make this dream a reality if you have credit issues or a lack of capital? It is possible.

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Five Things to Look for When Buying a Used Semi Truck

So, you're ready to purchase a pre-owned commercial truck. Congratulations! While it's an exciting process, it is also one that must be well thought out as there are many important factors.

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Aftertreatment Systems 101

As you know, trucks are complex pieces of equipment with many components working together to create an efficient safe clean machine. The aftertreatment system, or ATS, is one such...

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